25 May, 2022

Regional Centre

Counselling Schedule

January 2022 Session

SC-29046          Masters        Bachelors

SC-0769            CLTA         CDM     PGDCA_NEW 2nd Sem

SC-0731            Fresh and Re-Registration


July 2021 Session







29010      Online Counseling

0729        BSCG-Fresh      BSCG-2nd &3rd year

29032      DTS      MAJMC-2nd Year       BBARL        PGJMC & MAJMC

29057     BAG1st year      MSK2nd year     MSK1st year     MHD2nd year         MHD1st year      BA Hons.English/History      BA Hons.Pol.Sc.

29063      MAH & MHD      BAG1st Year     BAG2nd Year     BAG3rd Year

29052      January-February 2022        Mcom        B.Sc Feb.March 2022           M.Com Feb.March 2022

SC-0740D     BCA-MCA -Nov.Dec-21             BA-BCOM-January 2022 onwards    BCA-1 May onwards

SC-0731      NOVEMBER' 21       Revised Schedule

SC-29047D       CTS       MSW2ND-DECEMBER 21       January 2021          22nd to 30th Jan.2022         February 2022     March-April 2022

SC-0712           December 2021      January 2022     February 2022     Schedule - LinksMarch 2022

SC-0769      CIT      BCA2-6 SEM    MCA1st      MCA2nd     BCA1ST SEM     PGDCA1     PGDCA2  Management Programme       CDM      CNM    CLTA    BAG&BCOM-SEM V 

MGPS-II      MHD-II     MCOM-II        MAH-1    MCOM-1    MEC-1    MPS-1    MHD-1     PGDDM    MSO-1     MEG-1    MAPY-II      MEG-II      BSWG I&II       BAG,BCOMG, BAPSCH-FEB.22           MCA1ST    BCA1ST   CIT     BAG & BAH SEM-II

SC-07112D - CTS       CHR

SC-29046D    Bachelors       Masters     20th &22nd Nov.2021

SC-0734D     28TH NOV.2021     6th Feb.2022 Bachelor Masters

January 2021 Session










SC-29058  Nov.2021

SC-29063  MAH-1st Year     BAG-1st Year

SC-29057 -October-November 2021      MHD-October-Nov.2021      BAG-4th Semester    MHD-2nd year   MSK-FRESH    

SC-0734D-19th Sept. 2021    17th Oct.2021

Interactive Web-Counseling session of PGDSS - 24th August 2021     25th August 2021

SC-0729      BAG       BSCG      October 2021

SC-0712         August 2021           7-8th August 2021       14th August 2021         September 2021     October 2021

SC-29046D    All Programmes         September 2021

SC-29047D    Bachelor Programmes         24th July 2021       25th July 2021          31st July 2021    Consolidate for Sept.2021  9th October 2021     10th October 2021    16th October 2021     17th October 2021       23-24th October 2021  7th Nov.2021 

20th Nov.2021    21st Nov.2021

SC-07112D   DWED   DWED-August 2021   

SC-0731       Fresh Admission        Management Programme

SC-0769        PGDCA          MCA       CIT    MCA2-5 SEMESTER      BA & Bcom 3rd year    MHD 1st year    MHD 2nd year      MSW 2nd year      BAG-BCOMG      Consolidate Schedule

Special Virtual sessions for third and fourth semester of Geology courses- BSC G Programme

SC-29046         Master Degree Programmes          Bachelor Degree Programmes

  July 2020 Session

SC-29058   click here        B.Sc(G)       B.Sc(G)-19th july 21 onwards


SC-0712   Virtual Counseling Schedule      BSW2 & 3rd year      June 2021     19-20th June 2021     26th-27th June 2021    BSW2nd & 3rd year-July 21

SC-29047D- Fresh Students      Re-Registered Students    March 2021  6th & 7th march 2021  13th & 14th March 2021    April 2021      10th-11th April 21   15-16th May 2021     23-23 May 2021      29th & 30th May 2021      June 2021       26th June 2021      27th June 2021     July 2021

SC-0734D       28thFeb.21   7th March 2021  15th May 2021   23rd May 2021    6th June 2021    13th June 2021    20th June 2021        11th July 2021

SC-0729  Online Counseling schedule for fresh students            MAH-June 2021       B.Sc-Re-Reg       BA-Re-Reg     BAG     BSC

SC-07112D - DWED        DWED 5th to 14th April 21

Online Counseling  Sessions of Management programme (MP- MS03)

Online Workshop-1 for B.Ed. July., 2019 and January, 2020 Batch

SC-29046D    MEG      MHD     MAPC     MPA       Online Counseling-7th Feb.2021      Online Counseling 13th Feb.2021    Online Counseling 14th Feb.2021   20th Feb.2021                                    21st Feb.2021        25th Feb.2021    2nd March 2021    3rd March 2021      5th & 6th June 2021

SC-29057  BAG-RR(JANUARY 2021)       BSCG   19th June 2021   20th June 2021

Counseling Schedule of CFN   CNCC   CIT,  CBS,  CFE,  CTE, CLTA , CFAID CIG , CPLT & CES

Counseling Schedule of CLIS    :These are google links for CLIS counselling Sessions to be conducted online by the academic counsellors of IGNOU SC-2743, RC-39 Noida. Please join the session in time.

https://meet.google.com/iev-xeyo-ocd      BLII - 013 (01 - 02 pm and BLII - 014 (02 - 03 pm )    
https://meet.google.com/ouq-cmit-obq   BLII-011 at 11-12pm 
https://meet.google.com/qwt-ztab-xig    BLII-012 at 12-1pm  

SC-29063   BAG     Fresh Admitted Students

SC-0740D-click here  4th Counselijng     6th Schedule       7th Schedule     8th Schedule   February 2021

SC-0769- Management Programme         BCA1st     BCA-RR      PGDCA        CLTA       MAH2nd year      MCOM 2nd year      BA/B.Com 2nd/3rdyear     BAG Fresh   BAG-RR   

                 MPS 2nd year           BTS/DTS Fresh      BSW II       MSK     MGPS-RR     MGPS-1st yr     MAPY-1st yr    MAPY2nd yr

SC-0731 -BCA/MCA-Fresh Admission       Other Programmes

SC-0731- BCA/MCA-Re-Registration

SC-29057-BAG ,BAG2nd year,MHD, MHD2nd year      The link to join is https://chat.whatsapp.com/KGnytvKMKFlBvaHIabjrwx

Counseling Schedule for the month of July 2020

SC-0769         MAH 1st Year    MAH 2nd Year     MGPS 1st Year    MGPS 2nd Year       MAPY 2nd Year   

                       BAG, BCOM(G) & Hons. Ist Semster       MSW 1st Year      BA/B.Com 2nd & 3rd year

January 2020 Session

SC-29057 (SEPTEMBER 2020)     MHD            BAG


SC-29047      30th August 2020

SC-29057   (AUGUST 2020     BAG                   Masters

SC-29052       BCHCT-133         IBO04          MCO05   LSE10     BBYCT131     BCHCT131     IBO01     IBO03   LSE02-LSE09     MCO03-IBO06     MCO04     MCO07      IBO-2 & Mco6        BCHCT-131        



JUNE 2020

SC-29047      13th June 2020              14th June 2020


SC-29054      1st to 10th June 2020

SC-29047D Part1 Part2     30th May 2020       31st May 2020

SC-0763P    BCA2     BCA3        BCA4       BCA6

SC-07112   Dwed




SC-0769      CDM        CNM       CLTA     MCA1     MCA2-5     BCA1      BCA2-5      CIT


SC-29048        April-May 2020


SC-0712      Master Degree Programmes.         Counselling Schedule(New)

SC-0731           Lot2




SC-0784       Online Schedule(New)

SC-29054      New(1st to 10th May 2020)

SC-29057-Satyawati College 

SC-29060-Mata Sundri College for Women           NEW     9th-10th May2020       23-25th May 2020


SC-29035D  - BCA & MCA           BDP & MASTERS          BCA(NEW)             May 2020

Practical Schedule of BSC Students -SC-29058 (Zakir Hussain College)

July 2019 Session

29040W (NEW)

Counseling Schedule of CLIS

Counseling Schedule of SC-0784

BCA1       All Programmes

Counseling Schedule of SC-29054


Counseling Schedule of SC-29045

Re-Registration        Fresh 

Counseling Schedule of SC29046D

MAPC   MEG    MHD    MPA     MSCCFT    MSW     

Counseling Schedule of SC0769

MP (Management Programme)         CDM      PGCAP     CLTA    BAGBCOMG     BCA      MAPY1st     Master Programmes  MHD-Revised 

BAG & BCOMG Programmes ( IInd Semester) and MAPY-IInd year

Counseling Schedule of SC0712

MAH     MEC   MPA   MSO     MPA 1st Year      MEG

Counseling Schedule of SC29052

B.Sc -Fresh admissions

B.Sc-Re-Registered Students

B.Sc-Practical Schedule

Counseling Schedule of B.Com and M.Com

E-Counselling Schedule

Counseling Schedule of SC0729

B.Sc    BA2nd    BA1st    B.Com   BSW      BTS    Master Degree Programmes      M.Com 2nd

Counseling Schedule of SC29058

B.Sc 2nd & 3rd Year

Counseling Schedule of SC29060

All Programmes

Counseling Schedule of SC-07112D

CFN    CHR1    CHR     CTS     CTS1

 Counseling Schedule of SC-29053


Counseling Schedule of SC-29035D

Fresh Admissions (BCA_MCA_CIT)        Re-Registered Bachelors       Re-Registered BCA-MCA

Counseling Schedule of SC-0731

Fresh Admissions        Re-Registered Students

Counseling Schedule of SC-29047D

Fresh Admissions            Re-Registered Students

January 2019 Session 

 SC-29052 -Counseling schedule for Fresh Admitted students

SC-29052 Counseling schedule for Re-Registered Students.

SC-29052 Schedule for Practicals

SC-29052 Practical Schedule of CHE3L (Revised)