19 September, 2021

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Schedule and Instructions for appearing in Term End Practical of BCA/PGDCA/MCA/CIT for December 2020

20 March, 2021

Dear Students,

If you have already cleared the practical course/s, you are not required to appear in ongoing practical examination for that particular course/es.

Date Sheet

Instructions for students appearing in Term End Pratical of BCA/PGDCA/MCA/CIT for December 2020

Exam Centre Code 0731

Exam Centre code  :   29045

Exam Centre Code   :   0740D-15th March 2021     16th March 2021      17th March 2021-Revised    18th March 2021    19th March 2021    20th March 2021     

21st March 2021       22nd March 2021

Exam Centre Code    :    0769      20th March 2021 BCSL013      BCSL017     MCSL054

                                                        21st March 2021 -  BCSL044     BCSL045     BCSL056